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We serve you with Blooming Sun Tea. This tea's rich ingredients, visual effects and melon scents will amaze you with its beaty, making it an extravagant experience bound to want you to slow down for a beat. Blossom Tea is a carefully mastered and hand woven Chinese craft, where by pouring hot water to green tea; the leaves begin to open and extend into a new blossomed flower.

How to steep
 Place 1 ball in a tea pot. Add 1L of boiled water, steep for 8 minutes and watch your tea bloom. The same ball can be re-steeped 2-3 times.

Pouch contains 2 balls
All organic ingredients: green tea, Jasmine flower, Carnation flower, melon essence
-Sugar Free, but you may add some for preference
-Gluten Free  -GMO Free  -Caffeinated