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Welcome to The Alfajor Company.
Our specialty is Alfajor cookies & confectionary. We are ready for all types of event orders; catering for corporate meetings large events, birthdays & weddings.
Decadent cookies with rich fillings like dulce de leche, chocolate ganache, matcha plus many more.

Orders can be customized to your favourite colors, themes and packaging. Just contact us, we are happy to assist.

High quality and organic

Organic Tea & Coffee

Organic Teas and Coffee   

Welcome to the shop

  • UberEats

    Order today throught your UberEats App and enjoy our confectionary, teas and coffee instantly. All products available Monday- Friday

    Click here to order 
  • Dalina Cafe

    Located on Chinatown, Dalina Cafe fantastic coffee, award winning sandwiches and of course, your truly, The Alfajor Co. Our Alfajor Cookies and Limoncello Meringue cookies.
    687 Main St., Vancouver BC.

    Visit them today! 
  • The Storehouse

    Pair your love for alfajores with other locally made products at The Storehouse.
    Conveniently located just a few blocks away from Queen Elizabeth Park.. Open Tuesday - Sunday. Catch us there for pop-ups

    Visit them today! 
  • Interested in carrying us at your business?

    If you're interested in carrying our products at your business, we'd love to hear from you. Please fill in the contact form below and kindly request an appointment and wholesale information.

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  • Locally Made - Vancouver BC.

    We work from a fully certified and equipped commissary kitchen ready for any small and large orders.
    Coho Commissary Kitchen

  • Small Batch

    The Alfajor Co. has the opportunity to work on small batches, keeping all products fresher without help of any preservatives. It is licensed business under VCH.

  • Hand Made

    All confectionary is artisanal made. Cookie after cookies is made one by one by hand with a wholesome home-made feel.

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